BME Growth and atSistemas

atSistemas´ future incorporation to the BME Growth

We continue our progress in our plan to join the BME Growth market to achieve our growth objectives set out in the 2021-2024 strategic plan. In addition, we have recently opened offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as a development centre in Uruguay.

In this Project, we will work hand in hand with Renta 4 and Cuatrecasas, as advisors. The process will be carried out through the multilateral trading system BME Growth and opting for a listing procedure, mainly aimed at atSistemas employees who will have acquisition priority and a discount on the share price.

We expect to meet a series of goals that form part of these processes, such as strengthening our market position and increasing our capacity to engage in merger and acquisition operations.


atSistemas into BME Growth

A growth commitment

We closed 2021 with 97.3 million euros in turnover (an increase of 23% compared to the previous year).

We are immersed in a business project that includes more than 50 initiatives focused on growth and transformation, committed to remain involved in the most ambitious projects of our customers whilst leading the creation of opportunities for technological talent.

The objective of a turnover of 200 million euros in 2024 is feasible thanks to the international expansion that we are already carrying out. A strategy based on the opening of offices and high performance centres that will allow us to continue identifying and executing great business opportunities.

“With the incorporation of BME Growth, we seek to make atSistemas an even greater leader in the sector. We hope to have the support of as many of our employees as possible, who have been and will continue to be a main pillar in the present and future of this company” says José Manuel Rufino, CEO of atSistemas.