Optimize our environmental impact

Through our Policy for Quality, Environment and Information Security Management, we carry out activities to optimize energy, reduce waste and protect information. We involve the Board of Directors, employees and organizations that work and collaborate with us. 



Promote and apply ethical business rules

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the behaviors that we promote at atSistemas: Empathy, Respect, Dedication, Professionalism, Innovation and Dynamism. We transmit these same values to all our suppliers and we ask that they follow them as well.


Foster growth and development of our professional staff

We foster the abilities of our employees with training programs and career plans, developing initiatives to create a balance between work and personal life. We create a good work environment that, above all, enhances interpersonal relationships.


Helping people

Some of our most relevant social initiatives

  1. Colaboración con diferentes organizaciones no gubernamentales y sin fines de lucro
  2. Colaboración con el banco de alimentos
  3. Objetivo económico para las condiciones médicas complejas
  4. Capacitación y empleabilidad para personas con discapacidades
  5. Capacitación y empleabilidad para personas con discapacidades
  6. Colaboración con diferentes instituciones a favor de la igualdad de género

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