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atSistemas reaches US and UK with new offices in Miami and London

In the first half of 2022 we have opened new offices in Miami and London to offer IT services at an international level.
– We continue our international expansion after opening offices in Milan, Lisbon and Montevideo.
– Flexible working policies and more than 2,000 talents make atSistemas one of the most attractive companies to attract talent.

New offices

At atSistemas, we are over 2,000 professionals in Italy, Portugal, Uruguay and Spain, where we offer technological services and solutions worldwide.

We have landed in the United States and the United Kingdom as part of our internationalisation strategy that began more than two years ago with our openings in Italy and Portugal. Thanks to our 28 years of experience in the IT sector, atSistemas already has more than 500 clients worldwide and will provide services from its Miami and London offices to support companies in digital transformation.

These new openings represent a major step forward in our internationalisation strategy, as Miami has become a basic enclave for business in the US and a strategic point for investing in technology and continuing to grow by offering decisive connections for the business.

On the other hand, United Kingdom is the country in Europe with the highest turnover in the IT sector, well above Germany, which ranks second. atSistemas becomes a Platinum Partner of Atlassian in this country. United Kingdom is a strategic enclave for having bridges of relationship with world reference IT production centres such as India or Singapore, as well as technology manufacturers in East Asia.

From a technology point of view, these openings are a point of reference, as London and Miami have become the headquarters of most of the technology manufacturers’ companies, creating a greater nexus of rapprochement and connection with the Atlassian partner from the point of joint business and development plans in these countries and, also, for the rest of the headquarters.


Reconciliation and hybrid telework model

As in the rest of the countries where are present, we will implement flexible working policies. Thus, the company is committed to a career plan with an open career map where all positions and mobility options are available to its employees. We also aim to favour a hybrid work model in which each employee chooses the type of teleworking that best meets his or her needs, with a commitment to work-life balance.

atSistemas is experiencing a moment of full expansion and growth with results that support this internationalisation of the company and more than promising results, since, at the end of 2021, it has more than 2,000 talents and a turnover of more than 97 million, which is 24% more than the previous year.

“When back in 1994, with all the enthusiasm in the world, we created atSistemas – myself as an employee at the time – in a basement in Madrid, we were far from imagining that 28 years later we would start the year with a turnover forecast of 127.7 million euros per year, 30% more than the previous year, with well over 2,000 employees and with newly opened offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, in addition to those in Italy, Portugal and Uruguay. And the fact is that 2022 is once again a year of spectacular growth in all our magnitudes, in which we will need the best talent to achieve it”. Says José Manuel Rufino Fernández, CEO of atSistemas.